Get the System Hundreds of Leaders Have Used to Get Laser Focus, Build Momentum, and Start Winning... Every Day.

For years I've helped leaders get razor sharp physically and mentally to break out of ruts and conquer their goals. Now I've codified this process into a simple 7-Day system and I'd like you to benefit, for free.

In 7 Days we'll cover:

In 7 Days we'll cover:

  • The under five minute a day practice you can use to retrain your brain to look wins, not frustrations.
  • A simple, 1-3 sentence tool you can use to cut your daily decision load in half... saving energy for what you really want and need.
  • The weekly practice I use with clients to help them clear their minds and dial in on what matters.
  • Identifying the sneaky things that are sliding under your radar to derail you from the gym, enjoying your free time, and sap your focus.
  • The simple technique you can use in the moment to overcome challenge and stay on point.

"When I met Isaac, I was overweight, pre-hypertensive, lower back pain, and exhausted. I had the additional problem of having a career that had me traveling over long distances and a very uneven schedule. I had put off getting a personal trainer for years, because I always believed I could never find someone that could give me real results with my present work/life situation. In 5 months, Isaac put together a training program that took off 8% body fat (DOWN OVER 30 LBS!) and made me as strong as I was 10 years ago. My family and friends were amazed at how different I looked in such a short period of time."

- Mohsen Shah

Medical Technology Industry

"I feel much healthier and have more energy than I have in years. My new habit of hitting the gym 2-3 times a week has led to healthier eating choices as well - no dieting, just smart eating and indulging in moderation. I dropped about 25 pounds since February, and best of all, I've had fun doing it."

-Jim Dunning

Regional Director

"I've lived a pretty adventurous life, competing in everything from sailing to arm-wrestling to skiing. As you can imagine, that rough and tumble lifestyle has taken its toll on my body. The injuries, aches, and pains were really starting to add up and I was facing the idea that I might be out of commission soon.

Training with Isaac has rebuilt my athleticism and restored my competitive energy. My back is relatively pain-free. I'm doing movements in the gym I haven't been able to do for years... and setting records in them! I'm able to work at my camp throwing wood and other heavy tasks for hours on end. Not only can I do them, I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck the next day!"

- Sid Malone

Serial Entrepreneur

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